Multi-Foam powerful foam cleaner

  • 70200400    |    VPE: 1
  • 4024596034375
    • removes even stubborn dirt
    • cleans without leaving residues
    • biodegradable
400 ml
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The powerful foam cleaner removes stubborn dirt, such as insect residues, smudges and dirt layers even from painted surfaces.

The foam can be used to clean the entire bike - from the front light to handlebars, gears, frame, rims, spokes, pedals, saddle, mudguards and the tail light.

Multi-Foam can also be used to clean accessories such as the bicycle helmet, child seat, saddlebag or bicycle trailer and gently removes stains from textiles.

It cleans all carbon, plastic and metal surfaces without residue and touches up matt and weathered plastic parts.

The foam is environmentally neutral and completely biodegradable.

The Multi-Foam is suitable for all types of bicycles: e-bike, mountain bike, gravel bike, racing bike, trekking bike, city bike, Dutch bike, folding bike, and many more.

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