Bike Drive Cleaner

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    • cleans
    • degreases
    • material-friendly
500 ml
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The Bike Drive Cleaner improves the smooth running of the bicycle chain and the basic lubrication of rear derailleur, chain and sprocket stays intact.

The efficient special cleaner is suitable for all-purpose use and cleans, degreases and evaporates without leaving residues.

The spray removes dirt from bike chains, chain rings, sprockets, rear derailleur, rims, etc., removes leaked bearing grease, is acid-free, and does not attack the treated surfaces.

The cleaner is suitable even for sensitive surfaces, like plastics, rubber materials or carbon.

Thanks to its residue-free evaporation, the Bike Drive Cleaner can also be used to remove dirt from brakes and brake surfaces.

The cleaner is suitable for all types of bicycles: e-bike, mountain bike, gravel bike, racing bike, trekking bike, city bike, Dutch bike, folding bike, and many more.

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