W 44 T® Multi-Spray

W 44 T® Multi-Spray

  • 72003400    |    VPE: 1
  • 4024596081997
    • multifunctional oil with compound action
200 ml
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W 44 T® is THE multifunctional product: rust loosener, lubricant, contact spray, corrosion protection, and cleaning agent, all rolled into one product!

The all-purpose spray loosens seized up screws, jammed awnings and tent poles, as well as stiff camping chairs, tables and drawers in every mobile home.

The multi-purpose oil gets rid of squeaky and creaky noises on hinges, guides, bearings, and all types of joints and couplings.

It penetrates and removes rust and aids the lubrication of sliding doors or caravan jacks.

The all-purpose oil repels humidity from electrical contacts, prevents leakage currents, and makes it easier to start wet motors.

The spray belongs in every camping kit and is a handy helper on every trip - whether to the Sahara desert or the North Cape - W 44 T® is temperature-resistant from -50 C° to +210 C°!

Whether in a caravan, mobile home, alcoves, semi-integrated or integrated motorhome, campervan, vintage van, tent, or log cabin, the all-purpose oil W 44 T® is suitable for all kinds of camping.

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W 44 T® Multi-Spray W 44 T® Multi-Spray
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