Presspack Ergo-Connect

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    • Ergonomic dosing tip for WEICON Presspack products
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The Ergo Connect processing tip was specially developed for the Presspack containers. Thanks to the new tip, the application is even more comfortable and efficient. The optimised angle geometry ensures fatigue-free working even over longer periods of time. The two-way thread enables an application radius of 180°. During the application, the cap can simply be put on the connector, so it cannot get lost. Ergo Connect is compatible with the WEICON dosing tips and the brush top. Presspack With the Presspack, WEICON products can be applied with just one hand vertically, horizontally and over head. The other hand is free for support or stability - which increases work safety. After removing the tamper-evident seal, the cap can be turned steplessly from MIN to MAX to determine the outflow quantity. This enables a very precise dosage. Turning the rotary cap back to MIN closes the valve completely again, stopping the product flow and protecting it from accidental release. That way, soiling due to dripping is prevented entirely. The patented 2-piston system with two completely separate chambers separates the propellant from the product. That way, the Presspack is completely emptied and no material is wasted.
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